Zane Ivy

Zane Ivy is the current manifestation of an entity launched into the recesses of creation in the pursuit of multidimensional growth. He lives and works in Seoul, Korea. Painting, writing, performance art, acting, music, cognitive warfare—a hopeless Gemini romancing the imaginal among the tongues of fire sweeping across the planet's skin, a planet deeply plunged into forgetfulness and apparently besieged by alien archons. Zane's poems have appeared in the Kyoto Journal, Agnieszka's Dowry, and many print and on-line poetry journals. His paintings are in private collections in the US, Canada, Japan, and Korea. Currently, Zane is pursuing an on-going Weltanschauungkrieg on.well.on the current Weltanschauung, using life itself as a performance weapon of mass-instruction. Resist tyranny with awareness and "just say no" to fear.

Zane Ivy has written poetry in response to Chelcie Porter's artwork, which is being performed by Leonard De Montbrun at Café Mestizo on October 27.