Zan Hoffman

Zan Hoffman, tho not as long in the tooth as his compatriot Charlie "Corn Man" Newman, has been active recording and releasing audio experiments since 1984 in an ongoing mission to explore new audio realms including outreach to fellow explorers worldwide. Collaborating by post, in person, via the internet and so forth with over 300 artists worldwide and creating a whirlwind of sonic adventures and even a few songs this adventure continues until 27 years are up.

Zan grew up in Palo Alto, Ca, Northbrook, IL; Hyderabad, India; Deerfield, IL, and since 1970 has resided in Louisville, KY; aside from college in Des Moines & a stint over 9/11 in D.C. 2001. He has performed live in Iowa, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, throughout Spain, Holland, Belgium and Denmark.

The Corn Man & Zan are in deep, over their head over heels, long gone, daddy long gone like a cool breeze on a death valley night deep. Maybe a hundred releases on the ZH27 label have his lyrics, or voice, or bass guitar, or this, that and the other. And one last thing you should know Zan Hoffman has more Charlie Newman poems memorized than anyone on planet earth—wanna bet?

Zan Hoffman and Charlie Newman have collaborated on more projects than they can count. It's always the same. Newman writes the words and emails them to Hoffman who does sound for them with no discussion between the two. It's a Zen thing. Charlie performs at 32nd&Urban on October 27.