Vittorio Carli

Vittorio Carli teaches composition, literature, and film at Richard J. Daley College, Morton, and Moraine Valley Community College. His film and art reviews have appeared at,, and in Dialogue, Venus, Chicago Artist's News, The Daily Herald, The Star Newspapers, Tunnel Rat, and Letter eX. His poems have been published in Best of Chicago Poetry, Café Review, Rambunctious Review, Polvo, The American Dissident, Dissent, Struggle: The Journal of Revolutionary Literature, Mind in Motion, Alphabeat Press, Alternative Press, and other publications. He has collaborated with the extraordinary violinist, Quentin Arnold; the hard-edged industrial duo, Dripping Rictus; and the performance poet/bubble Tracey Jakubik. He has done celebrity interviews with Jet Li, David Carradine, Deepa Mehta, Moby, Chris Connelly, Katherine Chronis, Karen Finley, Cynthia Plastercaster, John Sayles, Darren Aronofsky, Chris Eyre, Tom Tykwer, Abel Ferrara, Franka Potente, Paul Hoover, Moby, Franka Potente, Bryan Wendorf (the president of the Chicago Underground Film Festival), and others. He hopes that someday these interviews will be collected in a book.


Vittorio Carli and Carolyn Curtis Magri have collaborated on a project that is being performed at Café Mestizo on October 27.