Timothy David Rey

Timothy David Rey has been part of the Chicago performance scene since 1994 with the the production of his first solo show: The Completely Miraculous, but Totally Separate Lives of Timothy Rey...and Other Stories. He is a student of solo artist Paula Killen. Timothy has performed his solo works at: Homolatte: Queer Words and Music and as parts of New Town Writer's Solo Homo and the Working Stiffs series at Bailiwick Arts Center. His written work has appeared in After Hours: The Journal of Chicago Writing and Art, the e-zine Swell, and the national publication Black Child. He also has appeared in television commercials. Timothy, a New Town Writers Board Member, is currently working to compose a collection of work under the title: Upon the Threshold: New Plays and Performance Pieces for Black and Latino Actors. Most recently he has performed in New York City as part of the renowned Fringe Festival.

Timothy David Rey is collaborating with Matthew Riutta on a project entitled The Phone Play. The Phone Play is being performed at Peter Jones Gallery on October 25.