Sadira Muhammad

Sadira Muhammad is a professional Afro-Ethnic Folkloric Dancer and has aspirations of becoming a certified Katherine Dunham Technique Master Instructor . Sadira says this about her life as a dancer. "It is through the power of dance, that the answer to the question "who am I?" is revealed over and over again through a spiritual awakening that prevails each time that I hear rhythms of drums . that then propel my physical body forward longing to be one with the movement of my soul."

Her artistic background includes training and performance in contemporary styles such as, classical ballet, modern and jazz. She's a student of the Dunham, Graham and Horton techniques. Her personal repertoire of traditional African dance forms includes Haitian, Jamaican and Cuban ritual and folkloric dance. Through numerous settings of learning dance, she's had the experience of working with local and nationally acclaimed dance professionals, such as Katherine Dunham and Ron K. Brown. While attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, she was teacher, choreographer, lead dancer and production manager for a university/community based dance organization. She taught basic dance, modern, jazz, African and Caribbean folk techniques for three years to a group of University students, both trained and untrained. Also, while at U of I, Sadira studied and performed with the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts/Dance Department. After graduation, she returned to Chicago and earned several scholarships from the Joseph Holmes School of Dance where she mastered Graham and Horton training techniques; she also earned the position of apprentice with the Najwa Dance Corp, performing with the troupe in the inaugural DanceAfrica Chicago presentation. Sadira has also had the unique opportunity of traveling and performing as a dancer with a local Haitian roots rock band, Tchaka.

Sadira has experience as a teaching artist in the Chicago Public School system. At Ariel Community Academy in North Kenwood, she taught kindergartners and 1st graders African based Caribbean techniques in their after-school program. Through a program of the City of Chicago, the After- School Matters program (Gallery 37), she taught high school apprentice dancers in warm-up techniques and contemporary Caribbean movement.

Currently, she is a lead dancer with the West Indian Folk Dance Company (1999-present). The dance training and choreography here emphasizes African-based Caribbean Folk techniques in combination with modern and jazz techniques. Sadira has mastered the "speed, strength and projection" motto of the company's unique style. As lead dancer, she is also a teacher to new students on kinesthetic alignment in folkloric dance and projection for the stage.

Sadira also works with the Artistic Director of Chicago based Haitian ethnic dance company, Tamboula Ethnic Dance Company. She performs with the company, coaches in rehearsal and workshops and provides administrative consultation.

Sadira Muhammad performs at The Chicago Temple on October 27.