Rob Pleshar

Rob Pleshar has performed music in a variety of ensembles and settings, both composed and improvisational. From 2001 through 2003 he conceived, recorded, edited and mixed a realization of John Cage's composition "A Dip in the Lake: Ten Quicksteps, Sixty-One Waltzes and Fifty-Six Marches for Chicago and Vicinity" and this was part of an exhibit at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago from April through September 2003. He has performed with Black Bear Combo, The Ridiculous Trio, Anthony Braxton, Joe Giardullo, Environmental Encraochment, Weave Soundpainting Orchestra, David Boykin's Microcosmic Orchestra, Henry Grimes, and Labrador among others.

Rob Pleshar performs at Mess Hall on October 27.