Rachel Javellana

A Michigan native, Rachel Javellana is a poet and teaching artist in Chicago, by way of San Diego . She received a BA in English and Creative Writing from Kalamazoo College, and has spent the intervening years in community work, writing, travel, and trying to find an apartment that won't go condo. In 2007, she received a Community Arts Assistance Program Grant from the City of Chicago.

Cousins Rachel Javellana and Nora Bonner share a hometown and the practice of poetry, but for the past couple of years have lived in two quite different urban centers — on opposite sides of the globe, in fact. For the past year—e-mailing between Chicago, Illinois and Bangkok, Thailand— Rachel and Nora have been writing to each other by means of a poetry braid, wherein they "write off of" what the other has just written to them, using a line, image, impression, or word to springboard to a new piece. They will share an interlaced selection of these pieces (through live and pre-recorded performance), which explore city landscapes, foundations, language, and the need to communicate.

Rachel Javellana and Nora Bonner have been collaborating on a project that is being performed at 32nd&Urban on October 27.