Matthew Riutta

Matthew Riutta is completely itching to "lend his voice" to a Chicago stage after a 12-year absence. He makes his transcontinental performance from Oakland, California.

Riutta works in the Bay Area film industry as a screenwriter/ director/ producer. His screenwriting credits include Raised In the Key of Be Flat (recipient of 2006 Squaw Valley Screenwriter's Workshop), and Dress Up (screened at the 2004 Indianapolis GLTB Film Festival). He is currently finishing work on a new children's TV show, among other feature and TV scripts. Riutta also works as a film/TV location manager. Film highlights include Bee Season, Rent (the movie musical), Zodiac, Memoirs of A Geisha, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, and The Kite Runner. Riutta's TV credits include Monk, Journeyman, Women's Murder Club, and Das Traumschiff (the German "Love Boat").

Highlights of Riutta's stage credits include Sweeney Todd, Baby and Godspell (all in Chicago), a revival of Leonard Bernstein's 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (the Kennedy Center), and Cole Porter's Out of This World (San Francisco).

Matthew Riutta is collaborating with Timothy David Rey on a project entitled The Phone Play. The Phone Play is being performed at Peter Jones Gallery on October 25.