Mankwe Ndosi

Mankwe Monika Nkatuati Ndosi is a Minneapolis-based vocalist and multidisciplinary performer of Tanzanian & Midwestern descent. She's been working for over a decade in the mediums of theater, dance, music, spoken word and improvisation.

In addition to her independent work, Mankwe is part of Douglas R. Ewart & Orchestra Inventions, a Chicago-based improvisational group rooted in creative black music. She is a board member of Speak-Out Sisters coordinating the Revolutionary Women's Cabaret. She also works with in the belly as a peer-facilitator of writing & performance workshops focused on incarcerated peoples.

Her interests include myth, healing, and bridging the distance between African & African American peoples & music. Mankwe leads workshops in voice, writing & stage work, leads wild plant walks, and writes unfinished spirituals.

Mankwe Ndosi and Toni Asante Lightfoot are collaborating on a project that is being performed at 32nd&Urban on October 27.