Jerome Bryerton

Born Oct 17th, 1974. Jerome Bryerton is an experimental percussionist and visual artist from Chicago. He has recorded, toured or played with many of today's most notable free improvisers: John Butcher, Wolfgang Fuchs, Peter Van Bergen, Cecil Taylor, William Winant, Alan Silva, Torsten Muller, Frank Gratkowski, Henry Kaiser and Vinny Golia. He has performed at notable festivals—such as FMP record's Total Music Meeting (2002), Kaleidoscope (2003), Seattle's Earshot Festival (2003)and the Sf Alt (2004).

Jerome's musical concept is a cross-pollination of techniques derived from European improv, Japanese Taiko, American Jazz and European Modern- Classical. Percussionists that he incorporates into his approach are: Jack DeJohnette, Paul Lytton, Paul Motion, Stewart Copeland and Le Quan Ninh. Also, applicable to his percussive philosophies are extended techniques by non-drummers—the multi-phonic and harmonic practices of saxophonist Evan Parker; the multi-layered double-bass preparation of Barry Guy; and the orchestral, multi-timbered instrumental selection of reed player Wolfgang Fuchs.

Jerome's goal is to use his percussive materials to mirror practices of modern art, philosophy and post-modern theory. The idea being—to develop and express the improvisational elements that life itself presents.

Jerome performs at Northwestern University on October 24, and with Desiring-Machines at Elastic on 10/26.