J. Otis Powell

J. Otis Powell! works as a poet (writer), media producer, performance artist, producer / curator of performance events, arts administrator, educator andconsultant. Powell!'s current and ongoing projects include working as a curator for Bridges - a performance art initiative with Pangea World Theater, and with The Ways Ensemble - a multidisciplinary artist collective. He serves as an editor and roster artist for the Givens Foundation. He is presently completing a novel titled Bottomless Sky. His poetry has been published in two books of his own work: THEOLOGY (Traffic Street Press) and My Tongue Has No Bone (Porter Publishing). Recent productions include: Crepuscule, Late Night At The Dakota, a Disease called Freedom, V and Between The Worlds.

His words have also been recorded on five CDs: THEOLOGY: Love & Revolution, Words Will Heal The Wound, anthologies produced for National Poetry Month and THIS CAT IS OUT, in association with The New Day Blues Band, Unsentimental with Rene Ford, and FILHO D'AGUA with percussionist Eliezer Freitos Santos. Recently he coproduced a DVD with Bill Cottman titled News as Abstract Truth. J. Otis performances with ensembles such as The Ways Ensemble, The Stir Trio, STIGMATISM World Ensemble, Afrika's Ensemble, Revolutionary Hearts, SIRIUS B, OGU, NOW!, tHE eDGE eNSEMBLE, The New Day Blues Band, IMP ORK, Tribo, and DRUMMING WORDS/SPOKEN HEARTS.

J. Otis Powell performs with musicians at Northwestern University on October 24, over the telephone.