Francois le Roux

Francois le Roux, a.k.a. the HA!Man enchants and astonish audiences the world over with his cello, original electronic accompaniments, keyboard, voice and dances. His music reflects his Southern African roots and his spontaneous approach challenges conventional ideas in both the serious and commercial music environment. He has created numerous soundtracks for plays, films and poetry performances and his talents brought him distinguished appointments such as music direction for the South African National Woman of the Year Gala (2001, 2002) and the 2004 "Ukkasie" Festival's Royal Albert Hall event in London. Touted as one of South Africa's top musical talents and a groundbreaking cellist/music creator, he operates independently, traveling about 80 000 km a year by car. He coined the term HA! to express the spirited way in which he conducts his performances.

Francois le Roux and Cathleen Schandelmeier's collaboration is being performed at Café Mestizo on October 27.