Eric Leonardson

Eric Leonardson is a Chicago-based electroacoustic composer, radio artist, sound designer, instrument inventor, improvisor, visual artist, and teacher. He has produced, toured, and performed in hundreds of experimental sound and music concerts throughout North America, Japan, and Germany.

Leonardson co-founded the Experimental Sound Studio, in the 1980s, where he coordinated "Sounds From Chicago," one of the city's first internationally broadcast radio art programs. He co-founded the physical theater company Plasticene, designing and performing sound and music for all its productions since 1995. Leonardson is a recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Media Arts Fellowship in 2002 and 2006, and also Adjunct Assistant Professor in the First Year Program and the Department of Sound at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he received his MFA degree in 1983.

Leonardson's early audio work is featured on the CD Radio Reverie in the Waiting Place. His 2005 collaborative work for radio, "Other Music" is available on the CD compilation Deep Wireless 3 from New Adventures In Sound Art.


Leonardson performs with Bela Emerson at Peter Jones Gallery on October 25. Also, Dancing Walls Stir the Prairie, created by Anna Friz and Eric Leonardson, is being played at Elastic on