Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper has lived in Chicago all her life and likes knowing her way around. Recently she read at "Lip," The Poetry Center's Reading Series at The Spot. Also she has read at the Polyrhythmic Arts Collective's "Safe Smiles" Open Mic at Trace on Tuesday nights and at Monday Muse Mash-Up with Toni Asante Lightfoot. She has been featured at The New Mercury Cafe Open Mic Event hosted by Vito Carli. She has written two books of poetry, Love Songs from Psychopaths and Fairy Tales Gone Awry. Both books were designed by the artist Scott Marshall, who currently lives in New York.

Elizabeth performs excerpts of her exchanges with Ryan "Shmedly" Maynes on MySpace, and incorporates some of Maynes' songs into her performance—at Café Mestizo on October 27.