Elizabeth Coffman

Elizabeth Coffman and Ted Hardin

Elizabeth Coffman (Motherlode Productions) and Ted Hardin (Antimoloch Productions) are filmmakers and scholars who have spent their careers writing, teaching, traveling, and producing films and videos about a wide range of topics. Elizabeth is an Associate Professor of Communication, University of Loyola Chicago and holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Florida. As a Professor of Film/Video, Columbia College Chicago, Ted holds an MA in German from FSU and an MFA in Film/Video from Ohio State University. Both filmmakers maintain long-term personal and professional involvement with Bosnia and questions of multiculturalism. Mr. Hardin spent several years in Germany studying German cinema on a Fulbright fellowship and has produced work for German television. Ms. Coffman has family ties to Bosnia and has completed a video essay entitled Wedding in Croatia about the marriage of her sister, an international worker, to a Bosnian man who fought in the war. Hardin and Coffman are also professors and published writers who are intimately concerned with the documentation of history and the ethical questions of how the historical subject is given a voice to speak. Hardin has completed a video piece entitled Ambivalence that implicates the role of the media during the Gulf War and has shown at the American Film Institute.

Hardin spent several years at the Wexner Center in Ohio, facilitating the work of artists such as William Wegman, Ann Hamilton, Paper Tiger Television and Lourdes Portillo. While working at the Banff Centre for the Arts, he also collaborated on a series of artists' profiles that were broadcast on the Canadian Women's Television Network. Coffman's video work concerns questions of gender, ethnicity, violence, and national politics and has screened at museums and universities around the country. She produced a video on Ralph Nader/Michael Moore's Power to the People Rally that is distributed through community access media networks. She has also published work on early avant-garde film performers. Coffman and Hardin are working currently on a documentary about Louisiana poet, Martha Serpas, entitled Veins in the Gulf.

Elizabeth Coffman is coming to Northwestern University on October 24, to talk about her friend Christopher Sorg, who passed away earlier this year. Also, she and Ted Hardin have collaborated on a film that is being screened at Elastic on October 26.