David A. Geary

David A. Geary is an artist of great diversity. He was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, his father a native Chicagoan, his mother a Jamaican immigrant. This created the unique environment he considered home for his youth. His visual training took place in New Orleans, LA at Xavier University. After finishing his studies, he remained in this uniquely attractive city to absorb as much of its great culture and heritage as he could. Communicating his understanding of his experiences through a visual language, he became fluent in the many dialects of visual art. Building a career as an artist, an educator, as well as a family in New Orleans, has greatly influenced his work both visually and conceptually. Recently, as a result of the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, he has become a part of the new "Gulf Coast Diaspora." He has declared his return to his native Chicago, bringing with him the spirit of New Orleans and the culture that has become a part of him and his work.

Zane Ivy has written poetry in response to David Geary's artwork, which is being performed at Café Mestizo on October 27.