Dan Schwarzlose

Dan Schwarzlose (b. 1973) is a multi-media artist, musician and educator. Dan's artistic interests include edible books, synesthesia, and multi-sensorial installations and performance. A classically- trained trumpet player, he also explores relationships between sight and sound with Wiretap Wednesday, his rock band that improvises to short films and original videos. Whether creating as an installation artist or a musician, Dan engages multiple senses to heighten experiences and perceptions. To Dan, multi-sensorial art is uniquely rich and visceral, and perfectly matched to his interdisciplinary approach.

Dan frequently collaborates with world-renowned chef Homaro Cantu of Moto Restaurant. Most recently, they orchestrated and hosted a Synesthetic Dinner Party for 50 artists at Moto, pairing eight of Cantu's color-themed dishes (green, yellow, red, black, purple, blue, orange, and white) with Wiretap Wednesday's musical interpretations of those colors. As Moto's Media Artist, Dan films, edits and produces videos of Moto's futuristic cuisine that are screened around the world. Dan also makes edible books with chef Cantu and Moto's pastry chef, Ben Roche. Their first creation, Salvador Dalí's Diary of a Genius, quotes food references from Dalí's diary and flavors pages like champagne, cheese, lobster, jasmine rice, and coffee, among others. Dan looks forward to using edible books as an educational vehicle for children who "don't like to read." He believes that these children will enjoy books if they get to write them, illustrate them, choose flavors for each page, and eat them.

Dan is deeply committed to helping fellow artists present their work. Since 1998, he has co-directed the Elastic Arts Foundation (EAF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization dedicated to providing rehearsal, recording and performance opportunities to artists of all disciplines and media. Dan's many roles at EAF include: artistic director, producer, performer, treasurer, archivist, and development director. Together with a handful of talented and dedicated friends, he has helped present over 500 free artistic performances and exhibitions in Chicago.

Dan holds a BA in English from Northwestern University and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts & Media from Columbia College. A native of Evanston, Illinois, Dan is the son of a children's librarian and a journalism ethics professor. His favorite artists are Dalí, Antoni Gaudí, Björk and László Moholy-Nagy.