Charlie Newman

Charlie Newman writes advertising and poetry. He fronts a punk poetry band named ZOOTSUITBEATNICK! He hosts Tuesday night poetry at The Café and First Friday Poetry at DvA Gallery. He's performed in NYC, London, Louisville, Chicago, wherever. He played bass in The Electric Grandbrother Experience with Zan Hoffman. He was part of an industrial-damage/noise band named minimalogic and fronted a punk band named Dead Seals before most of you were born. He lives in Chicago but he'll never leave Newark, NJ. Yougottaproblemwiidat?

Zan Hoffman and Charlie Newman have collaborated on more projects than they can count. It's always the same. Newman writes the words and emails them to Hoffman who does sound for them with no discussion between the two. It's a Zen thing. Charlie performs at 32nd&Urban on October 27.