Cathleen Schandelmeier

Cathleen Schandelmeier (Producer/Performer/Poet/Photographer) is perhaps best known as the host of the Beach Poets a poetry series, which has been running since 1990. She also was a host of Chicago's first-ever televised poetry talk show titled "Venue" where she interviewed such notable artists as: Kurt Heinz, Tony Fitzpatrick, Marc Smith and Paul Peditto. Her books of poetry include Chicago Phoenix (published by Puddin'head Press, 2005), Tattoo Screams of Love, Scream and I'll Believe You, and Suck on My Toes and I'll Follow You Anywhere. She has performed one-woman shows at Cafe Voltaire and Mary Arrchie as well as other theaters. Poet, artist, actress, puppeteer, and mother, Cathleen has written numerous children's plays, which focus on such contemporary themes as stopping child abuse. These plays have been performed on such stages as Organic Theater and The Chicago Cultural Center. She is the Director of Theater for the Pine Arts Performing Arts Center where they will be producing her play Santa Girl (She's black - she's good - she's coming to your 'hood!) this December. She is also an artist/educator for Young Rembrandts.

Among her many awards, Cathleen has been named one of the 100 Women Making a Difference by Today's Chicago Woman Foundation, she won a Certificate of Leadership in Racial Justice from the YWCA, was awarded the title "Outstanding Leader in Peace" from the Peace Museum, and was an Adade Wheeler Award Nominee for Significant Contributions to Women's History.

She is married to master of music, Peter Bartels and is the delighted mother of three children—Vincent, 16, Teodoro, 8 and Katrina Marie, 6 (who likes to be called "Katie").

Cathleen Schandelmeier has been collaborating with Francois LeRoux of South Africa for the last three years including multi-media performances of: Moving Chicago (Peter Jones Gallery); Yearning to Breathe Free (the Swedish American Museum); and Foot Fantasia—the Soul of Soles (Peter Jones Gallery).

This is the third artistic collaboration between Francois and Cathleen. Their first collaboration was a performance art piece titled Moving Chicago, which included the release of Cathleen's book Chicago Phoenix and was produced at the Peter Jones Gallery. The second collaboration that Cathleen and Francois did was entitled Yearning to Breathe Free. It was produced at the Swedish American Museum on Clark Street in October 2006. It featured poetry by immigrants and the music of the HA!Man. A DVD entitled Yearning to Breathe Free resulted from this collaboration.

Cathleen Schandelmeier's collaboration with Francois LeRoux's collaboration is being performed at 32nd&Urban on October 27.