Camille Guthrie

Camille Guthrie is the author of two books of poetry, In Captivity and The Master Thief, both from Subpress. She spends her days raising her son, tutoring students, and trying to write. All of that work happens in Brooklyn, New York.

Camille Guthrie & Eric Elshtain's project: Eric Elshtain (poetry); Camille Guthrie (poetry); Herman Melville's Moby-Dick (novel); Gnoetry0.2 (software). Elshtain, using the poetry generating software Gnoetry0.2, creates quatrains—within certain syllabic parameter--based on the statistical analysis of Moby-Dick. Guthrie then edits these results and sends them back to Elshtain, who revises them once more. This takes place at Mess Hall on October 27.