Alpha Bruton

Alpha Bruton's current inspiration comes from traveling and experiencing the events of which she has transferred to the canvas. In the past, she has conceptualized works based on social issues, themes that where idealized from group discussion, made installation work that demanded the audience confront the issue, or made work that was representational and provocative in nature. What inspires her most is feeling that she has a social responsibility as an artist to record history, and to thrust awareness about life, about the earth, about life in the passing to the viewer to cast another perspective upon to view the world.

These explorations affect her personally because she is more focused on examining what transpires as the artist to the canvas. She uses the canvas to stage experiences, and to create an observational view for others as spectators at the event. Whether it is in a "Blues Club", a "Church Homecoming", or the "Mardi Gras Street Festival," these events are illustrative and common in day-to-day life of the spectators. However, through mix media and the use of under glazing and relief color gesso, the canvas becomes the point of exploration, fanfare, and communication.

She uses the same approach—in the professional world with fellow colleagues in conceptualizing an installation or group exhibition, or planning a mural project—that she employs in the classroom while working with teachers and their students. This dialog helps her to reflect the same continuity in her own professional works.

Alpha paints during the performance event that happens at The Velvet Lounge on October 25.