Adesuwa Obazee

Adesuwa Obazee was born and raised in Nigeria, Africa. She departed Nigeria when she was 11 years old and headed to the United States in 1994. As a young child, she had no choice but to dance because it was and still is a big part of her culture. She took up dance lessons and has been studying the West African Dance for nearly a year with Iddy Ciss, one of the choreographers of the Muntu Dance Theatre, at the Old Town School of Folk Music. She is studying to receive a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education (concentrating in art) and an Associates degree in Child Development. She hopes to get a deeper understanding of dancing and advance in it as well as in art. In addition, She would love to teach dance/art after her schooling.

Adesuwa Obazee performs at The Chicago Temple on October 27.